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NOMO has developed a new solar off grid “POWERWALL” personally designed by our own team, which converts/transfers the solar energy to electricity power, and stores into the energy park. This system will be available for power luminaries, fan, television. It’s low voltage product and safe, can be mounted on the wall. The POWERWALL is beautiful and elegant.



Production application:

The places without access to electricity, lack of power.



Product characters:

High efficiency mono/poly solar panel.

Built in LiFePo4 batter, safe, long lifespan.

MPPT controller, high efficiency and stable.

Dual 2.0 USB-2.0A charging function.

Built in overcharge, over discharge, shortcut, over current, overload, over temperature protection.

Battery capacity can be expanded.



Model number: NM-SS-SF-160W-A1/NM-SS-SF-260W-A1/NM-SS-SF-320W-A1

Solar panel: 160W 18V/260W 30V320W 36V (with 9M cable)

Rated input voltage: 50V/50V/50V

Rated input current: 15A/20A/25A

USB output: output current 2A(max)

DC output voltage: 12V/12V/12V

DC output current: 15A/20A/25A

Battery: LiFeP04 battery

Interaction: LCD display and touch operation

Battery capacity: 512WH/768WH/640WH*2

Charge time: 8H

Battery life time: 5-8 years

Package: L620*W450*H155mm

Optional: fan, TV, LED bulb, fridge



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