H8 (HP5000)

H8 (HP5000)

 H8 (HP5000)

H8 (HP5000)

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NOMO’s HELIOS displays a Highly Tall Standing, Uniquely Shaped form and well-designed Solar Street Pole light. Having Not only a first impression appearance (look), but a strong wind resistance that have light weight solar panels on top of the pole as well as a best performance to absorb directly sunlight from any angle during the day, with a performance of higher level Operating reliability. Additionally it has more sophisticated technology that can prevent dust, snow, bird poop, or any applications from garden and landscape issues, which often leads to Reducing the generated power efficiency and also cause charge failure.


Work of ART Triangular Pole

The shape and design of the smart solar pole light has been studied and discussed to optimize all the construction.All the parts from solar panel,LED light head,light pole body to smart energy pack are all NOMO patents design.In this way,our clients can have the best solution with the best assurance of sales.


Easy installtion and convinient transportation 

All the solar pole lighting from Nomo Group are modular designed , and each part can be assemble and disassemble easily with our customised spanner . 

All you need to do is take out the smart energy pack and put inside the body of solar pole light, and fixed the solar modules , do some simple plug work .

It cost less than 15 minutes to set up the smart solar pole .


Optional lamp heads



LED power:60w-100w.

Output lumen : 4000lm-20000lm

Materail: allluminum alloy

Weight :10kg 



IOT system:opitional 



LED power:60w-100w

Maximum outout lumen:20000lumen

Materail: allluminum alloy 

weight :5kg



IOT system:opitional 


Built in smart energy pack , easy handling and replacement

Our smart solar pole is different from any models in the market, we smartly created the smart energy pack and put it inside pole ,not as the ones in the market , you have to dig a hole and bury the battery and battery box deep into earth . which save you much time and labour work if it need maintenence or replacement .


Intelligient remote operations

The central control system will be installed on one of the light and serve supervisory and control functions , all the stand alone solar pole lighting are connected to each other and to the CCS ny GPRS SIGNAL and zigbee network.

Solar pole lighting ON/OFF timing

Group Dimming and brighten when motion is detected by PIR sensors


Fault status

*The smart solar pole lighting energy consumption data 

*The smart solar pole lighting location 

*Group control 

*Indibidul control 

*Battert charging and discharging conditions

*PV status , battery status , LED status , light working temperature

*The following parameters are accessible via the operating interface display in real time 

1.Output power

2.DC input voltage

3.DC input current

4.Time active

5.Time disabled

6.Time Idle

7.Power produced


NoMo helios standalone solar pole light is your best choice

It is our mission to offer best solar pole light solution to all the clients and ensure that they can have a good profit when selling our products.

We are so confident you are going to love NoMo  solar street lights, that we are going to guarantee your results for you.


Solar panel 

Mounted monocrystalline PV panels  cnform to EN40-6CE as well as IEC60068-2-78 Environmental testing -part 2-78, IEC 61215 Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic modules design qualification and type approved by many international standards.


Alluminum alloy body 

Our poles is manufactured and tested according to the best international standards.


A.Design standard  AASHTO or similar

B.Design wind speed  160km/h

C.Welding    ACC TO AWSD 1.1 

D.Shaft         ST52-3 to DIN 17100 

E.Base plate    ST52-3 TO DIN 17100


G.ARM bracket   S275 JR OR Similar

H.Anodizing Processing


Smart energy pack(the lifepo4 battery pack+controller+control part)



High quality low hazadous , heavy duty storage , long life 8 years minimum power storage batteries be suitable for outdoor application operation.

Our top level lifepo4 battery system to ensure superior thermal and chemical stability . besides it is placed in an anti corrosion, water-tight,dust , vermin and weather.

proof IP68 RATED alluminum box .

A.Capacity                               maintain minimum at least 3 days during cloudy and dusty days.

B.Battery cycle LIfe                 >4000 cycles (@40%DOD)  >6500 Cycles (@80% DOD)

C.opearting temperature         -10 to 60 degree C

D.Position                                Built in the pole 

E.Warranty                               >8 years 


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