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What is a controller?
Controllers are very important for solar street lights because they can remotely turn lights on or off. Some modern controllers are programmable so the user can decide the appropriate amounts of charging lighting and dimming.
What are LEDs?
 LEDs are light-emitting diodes or electronic components that produce light by converting electrical energy directly to light by the movement of electrons within the material of the diode. Because LEDs are highly efficient they are beginning to replace most conventional light sources.
How do solar PV panels work?
PV Panels are made of a semiconductor material like silicon along with phosphorous and boron which create conductivity within the cell and activate the movement of electrons. When activated by the sunlight’s energy the electrons move across the cell and into the electrical circuit attached to the solar panel.
What is a solar LED street light?
 Solar LED street lights are lights made of a crystalline silicon PV panel (power supply) smart controller lithium or lead-acid battery (stock      power) higher LED source and other components. A special PIR sensor can provide smart control capabilities or multi-function extension.